Patrick Lopez
Patrick Lopez

Clean & Jerk: 235lbs

Deadlift: 380lbs

Bench Press: 260lbs

Grace: 3:00min

Completed RX Murph straight through

Max Pull Ups: 40 reps


CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

CrossFit Level 1 Nutrition Certificate

CrossFit Level 2 Coach

USA Gymnastics Certification

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from Colorado State University

CrossFit Level 2 Coach and Social Media Manager

Patrick Lopez

I grew up in Southern Colorado and relocated to Arizona in 2019. The Valley is definitely my forever home! From a young age I loved both academics and sports and learning to excel in both is what has driven my work ethic and competitive passion all my life. Growing up, I played all the sports I could try. In high school I was on varsity for tennis and track and also played a few seasons of baseball. I went to college at Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management in 2011. When I discovered the sport of Fitness in my late 20s I knew I would want to do CrossFit for a lifetime. CrossFit in a way is a metaphor for my life. Unknown and unknowable, hard work, discipline, community and fun! All things that have had defining moments in my life.

After college I spent my career in business management but 2 years ago I was lost and no longer happy in a corporate career. It was at that point that I hit rock bottom and alcoholic and drug addiction nearly ended my life. The owners of CrossFit Tempe, Michelle and Ken were looking for intern coaches at the time and though I was totally broken I knew it was something I could love and thrive at! The opportunity helped save my life! So I got sober, made the change from member to intern, completed my Level 1 and then put my passion for sport, fitness and business to use. It was the single greatest decision I have ever made and is rewarding beyond words. Everything I have gone through and learned from life has made me into the Coach I am today. To be empathic and passionate, patient and kind, motivating and disciplined.

My passion and my motivation is our gyms ability to change and save lives! I am a huge proponent of overall health and specifically mental health. I want to give our members the best hour of their day and help them improve their physical, mental and even sometimes spiritual well-being. CrossFit has done that for me and coaching gives me the opportunity to do that for our athletes! Also, it’s so much damn fun! I love playing DJ when I coach, teaching new skills, having all the laughs and sometimes the occasional tears. We work hard, we reach for the stars and most importantly we have built an amazing and supportive community!


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